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Budget Worksheet - Discretionary Spending

Use This to Determine How Much You Spend on Fun


budget for fun and discretionary spending

How much do you budget for fun stuff?

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In this budget worksheet, we'll look at how much money you spend on discretionary items.

How To Use This

You can either use this worksheet alone, just to get an idea of how much you spend on discretionary costs, or you can use it along with our other budgeting worksheets to create a complete budget.

What Do You Mean By "Discretionary"?

This worksheet consists of all the bills that are easiest to cut, although there will always be debate about what's a necessity and what is not. Some people find it hard to imagine some of these items – like cable television and home internet – as “discretionary.”

Cable or Satellite TV
Dining Out - Restaurants
Fast Food/Casual Eateries
Gym / Fitness Club
Beauty Products
Subscriptions (magazine, Netflix, etc.)
Professional / Club dues
Hobbies and Sports
Lessons (Music, Art, etc.)
Holidays and Gifts
Charitable Donations
Misc #1
Misc #2

If this Discretionary Spending Worksheet is the only budget worksheet you're using, you now have a good idea of where you're spending your "extra" money. Use this list to generate ideas about where to make cuts in your own budget, if necessary.

I highly recommend using this along with the worksheet for income and necessary expenses so you can create a complete budget.

Next Step for A Complete Budget

If you've used that worksheet, add your fixed and discretionary totals. Enter it below.

Total Expenses (Necessary + Discretionary)
Total Income

If you spend more than you earn, you need to make cuts to your budget immediately. You're at risk of going into debt (or deepening your debt).

If you earn more than you spend, congratulations. But your budget’s not complete yet. You need to use this worksheet to include savings in your budget.

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