1. Money

Conquer Your Debt!

Debt can make you feel trapped and can cost you thousands of dollars in interest. This section shows you how to avoid getting into debt, and how to dig yourself out of debt if you're already there.

Debt Snowball vs. Debt Stacking
The "debt stacking" method says you should repay your highest-interest debt first. The "debt snowball" tactic says you should pay your smallest debt first. This article examines the pro's and con's of both methods.

4 Step Plan for Getting Out of Debt
Many articles discuss how people get out of debt. But few articles discuss why people get out of debt -- where do they find the motivation? How do they stay the course? Here's a rundown of some of the emotional preparation you need to do to tackle your debt.

7 Tips to Help You Get Out of Debt
Need help getting out of debt? Here are a few tips on that can help you eradicate your debt, regardless of whether you're struggling with paying off your home loan, car payment, student loan or credit cards.

Pay Off Debt or Save for Retirement?
You want to pay off your debt. You also want to save for retirement. Which comes first?

Dave Ramsey's 7 Baby Steps for Getting out of Debt
Popular financial expert Dave Ramsey, the host of the nationally-syndicated radio program The Dave Ramsey Show, suggests that you follow seven "baby steps" as you pay off debt and build wealth.

Should You Borrow Money to Pay Off Debt?
Should you borrow money from your retirement account to pay off debt? Most experts say no. Here's why.

Fallen Behind on Your Bills?
What should you do if you've fallen behind on paying your bills? Here are eight tips that can help you catch up.

How is a Credit Score Calculated?
How are credit scores calculated? How can you build and improve your credit score?

Should You Borrow Against Your House to Pay Off Your Credit Card?
Should you borrow against your house, or take out a HELOC, in order to pay down a higher-interest debt such as a credit card?

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