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7 Ways to Make Money


7 Ways to Make Money

Learn what to do to make money on the side.

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In a recent article, I listed 14 ways to make money on the side without quitting your day job. In case you’re not interested in those – never fear. Here are 7 more.

Substitute Teach – In many states, you don’t need an education license to be a substitute teacher. Requirements vary state by state, but in many places, a college degree plus a few assorted other qualifications will allow you to work as a substitute teacher.

If you’re considering a career change into teaching, this can be a great way to get a “feel” for the classroom before making a full commitment.

Teach at a Community College – Substitutes aren’t the only part-time teachers out there. Plenty of community colleges need teachers, as well. Community colleges teach a wide array of subjects, so there’s a good chance your expertise will be needed – whether your field is writing, real estate, drama, taxes, or guitar.

Traditional 4-year colleges and universities also offer evening and continuing education classes that you may be able to teach.

Babysit – This classic money-maker isn’t just for teenagers. As an adult, you’re a more responsible and qualified babysitter. And as a bonus, you might be able to negotiate with your clients to see if you can bring your own children with you while you babysit, or to see if you can watch your client’s children in your own home.

Lay Tile - Your local home improvement shop might offer free classes in do-it-yourself home repair skills such as laying tile. Take a few of these classes, practice your new craft at home, and then start offering your skill to others. Home renovation and repair experts can make good money by possessing a skill that few others have.

Mend Clothes – Have a talent for sewing and mending? Start mending other people’s clothes! You can hem pants, tailor dresses and repair rips. Best of all, you can do this from the comfort of your home.

Laundry and Ironing – Once you’ve got a side business mending clothes in your neighborhood, why not upsell for the next service: washing and ironing clothes? You can offer pick-up and delivery for an added charge.

Sit on Hold – You know those long, annoying times you have to sit on hold while you call a company and get transferred from operator to operator?

Well, there are people who will pay you to do that for them. Your clients will generally be people who have a major issue that must be sorted through a series of phone calls to insurance companies, health-care providers, and other parties. Yet they’re too busy to devote hours to sitting on the phone themselves.

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