1. Money

How to Optimize Your Finances

There's a lot of financial advice for people who are struggling. Budgeting and personal finance tends to focus on helping people pay off their debt, build emergency savings, and stop living paycheck-to-paycheck.But what if you're already in a strong financial position, and you want to optimize even further? You're debt-free, you have savings, you're maxing out your 401k. What budgeting advice do you need to hear?

Financial Advice if You're NOT Struggling
You're debt-free, you're maxing out your retirement accounts, and you have a strong savings cushion. How can you optimize your money?

How to Manage Money Without a Formal Budget
Follow these four "financial best practices" to keep your saving and spending habits on-track -- even without an official budget.

The Important Spending Question You’re Not Asking Yourself
Before you make any type of spending decision -- ask yourself this critical question.

Go Ahead ... Enjoy That Daily Latte
Budgeting doesn't need to be a story of struggle and sacrifice. It's totally fine -- in fact, its preferable -- to allow yourself small indulgences.

Should You Put Long-Term Savings in the Market or Real Estate?
Where should you park your long-term savings? There are many factors that play into that decision, but in this article, we'll focus on just one of these many variables: the tax implications.

Don't Cut Corners on These Essential Items
There's a difference between being frugal (searching for good value) and being cheap (potentially risking your health). Don't cut corners on important expenses like maintaining your car, house and health.

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