1. Money

Why Should I Budget?

Why bother creating a budget? Learn how a budget can help you save money, get out of debt, track your spending and reach your financial goals.

7 Reasons Why the Rich Should Budget, Too
Do rich people need to budget their money? It's tempting to imagine people lavishing in luxury without paying a shred of attention to their bank account. But the reality is quite different. Here are seven reasons the rich should budget, too.

Why Should I Track My Spending Habits?
Why should you start tracking your spending? How can you do this effectively? Here’s an explanation of why monitoring your spending habits is an important practice, plus three tactics that people use to achieve this.

Why Do Millionaires Make Budgets?
What habit do the majority of self-made millionaires have in common? Most millionaires make a budget, according to two professors who study the habits of America's elite.

Why Should I Bother Saving, Especially Without a Goal in Mind?
It's simple to know how much you should save when you have a specific goal: a $10,000 wedding in 2 years, for example, or a $8,000 car in 1 year. But how can you save when you don't have a specific goal in mind?

How to Be a Millionaire
Want to create $1 million dollars? If you start investing while you're young, you can. This article shows you how.

What Does "Pay Yourself First" Mean?
You often hear financial experts say that you should "pay yourself first." But that phrase confuses you. You're not self-employed. Your boss pays you. You don't pay yourself. Do you? Find out what the phrase "pay yourself first" really means.

4 Benefits to Budgeting
Lots of people talk about the importance of making a budget. But why, exactly, is budgeting so important? In this article, I share four "big-picture" reasons why budgeting can help you get on track with your finances.

How to Prioritize Your Budget
You're feeling pulled in a million different directions. You need to save for retirement, pay for your child's college, remodel your home and fix the transmission on your car. How can you prioritize?

What's Your Budgeting Framework?
Some people budget and save because they're motivated by the end result. Others do it because they're motivated by the idea of optimizing the process.

Before You Create a Personal Budget ... Think Big
Before you go through the mechanics of creating a personal budget, take a moment to reflect on your goals, values and priorities.

Having a Tough Time Sticking to Your Budget? Try This.
Having a hard time sticking to your written budget? Here are six tips that might help.

4 Great Things You Didn’t Know Your Budget Can Do For You
Learn four reasons why your budget does more than just tell you how much money you need to save and how much you can spend.

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