1. Money

Budgeting for Major Life Milestones

Want to budget for life's most memorable events? This section shows you how to budget for life's big moments, such as attending college, throwing a wedding, buying a home, going on vacations and enjoying retirement.
  1. Car (5)
  2. Education (7)
  3. Emergencies (7)
  4. Home (12)
  5. Retirement (22)
  6. Vacations and Holidays (7)
  7. Wedding (6)

There's Too Much to Save For! Balancing Priorities
Retirement, college, celebrating your 25th wedding anniversary in Maui -- how can you juggle and balance your priorities when you have so many savings goals?

Make the Most of Your (Limited!) Money
How can you make the most of your limited money? Budgeting -- at its core -- has almost nothing to do with dollars and cents. The heart of budgeting is aligning your values with your spending habits.

Can You Afford It?
You want it: a trip to Hawaii, a nicer house, an early retirement. But can you afford it? Here's how you should approach your finances when deciding how to hit your goals.

How Much Can I Put Into My Retirement Account?
The IRS announced 2012 contribution limits to some of the most popular types of retirement accounts, such as the 401k.

Why Do I Need an Emergency Fund?
An emergency fund will help you avoid falling into credit-card debt the next time an unexpected expense pops up. Learn why you need an emergency fund -- and find out how large it should be.

Can You Be a Millionaire If You Earn $30,000 or $40,000 a Year?
Can you become a millionaire, even if you only earn a modest income of $30,000 or $40,000 annually? Yes, you can. Read this article to find out how.

How Do I Budget for One-Time Expenses?
Irregular expenses are always emerging: you'll need to visit the dentist, buy gifts for your cousin's wedding or replace the tires on your car. Some of these you can predict, but some you can't. How do you budget for this?

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