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Programs and Apps

If budgeting seems too complex, don't worry: there's lots of software, programs and smartphone applications that can simplify the process. Discover what technology and tools will help you track your expenses and income and alert you when you're about to bust your budget.
  1. Smartphone and Tablet Apps (3)

Review: SmartyPig Helps You Create Multiple "Piggy Banks"
SmartyPig is an online savings account that allows you to juggle multiple savings goals. Read my review here.

Review of Mint.com's Budget App for Android
Learn the pro's and con's of Mint.com's budgeting app for Android phones.

You Need a Budget - Review of a Budgeting Software Program
Want a sophisticated budgeting program that's also easy-to-use? You Need a Budget (YNAB) is a detailed program that helps you track your accounts. It's designed to be user-friendly, but also through.

PowerWallet Helps You Track Your Money
PowerWallet, a new online company, helps you view all your accounts in one place. You can see your bank balance, utility bills, credit card statements, and more.

Mvelopes: Create an Envelope-Based Budget, Digitally

Does It Cost Anything to Make a Budget?
Do I have to shell out hundreds of dollars for expensive budgeting software? Or can I create a budget for free?

How Can I Track My Many Savings Goals?
I have so many goals - I can't keep track! What online banking programs can help me track my progress?

How to Create a Budget
Have you never created a budget before? Are you wondering how you can start? Don’t worry. There are plenty of programs that make it easy for you to create a budget.

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