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Review of Mint.com's Budget App for Android

Mint.com App Easy to Read, But Not Comprehensive

About.com Rating 4 Star Rating


Mint.com budget app for Android phones review
Photo courtesy Mint.com

The free Mint.com Android app is easy to read, with attractive layout and intuitive navigation. It’s useful for viewing your account balances at a glance.

It doesn’t show pending transactions, so don’t rely on it to protect you from an overdraft. You also can’t use it to update your budget – you’ll need to go to Mint.com’s website for that.


The Mint.com app reports real-time information about your bank, investment and credit card balances. It’s read-only, which means you can’t use it to update your account.


  • Easy to read
  • Intuitive
  • Simple layout
  • View all your bank, brokerage and credit card account balances
  • Visualize your cash flow with bar graphs
  • Free


  • Can’t add or update your accounts
  • Can’t make changes to your budget
  • Can’t manually add your cash transactions
  • Does not show pending transactions
  • Occasionally slow to update your balances (several hours to one day behind)

Guide Review

Mint.com budget app for Android phones reviewPhoto courtesy Mint.com

This is a great tool for getting a snapshot of your cash flow. But because it doesn’t show pending transactions, it might say you have more (or less) than you actually do.

I would not rely this app to check your balance at the store before making a purchase. If you doubt whether there’s enough money in your checking account to let you swipe your debit card, don’t depend on this app for guidance.

The app’s colorful bar graphs are great for helping you visualize your overall monthly spending compared to your earnings.

This app is a poor choice for daily account monitoring, but a fantastic choice for tracking your weekly or monthly budget progress.

Overall Ranking: 4 out of 5 stars

Detailed Description

The top box lists only two numbers: your total cash and your total debt.

The second box is just as simple: a bar that tracks how much you’ve spent this month. If the bar is filled to the halfway point, it means you’ve spent half your budget.

The third box lets you know if you have any alerts, while the fourth and final box features two bars: a green bar that shows your monthly income, and a red bar that shows your monthly spending.

Arrows on the right side of each box let you read more details about each transaction. When you click on these arrows, you’ll arrive at a window that shows your spending and income breakdown by category.

A grey box at the bottom lets you know how recently your account balances updated. Remember, this does not include pending transactions.


Mint.com budgeting app for Android phones reviewPhoto courtesy Mint.com

  • Version 1.10
  • 1.03 MB
  • User Rating on Android – 4 out of 5 stars, with 13,800 ratings

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