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True Stories and Tips from Readers

About.com readers share their experiences about the best -- and worst -- budgeting tips they've tried. Read true stories of what worked and what didn't.

Reader Story: Budgeting Let Me Take My Dream Vacation
Travis wasn't sure if he could afford to take his family on a weekend getaway. But once he looked closely at his budget, he discovered that with a few small changes, his family could take the vacation of a lifetime ...

True Story: How We Budgeted for a Baby
The true story of David and Lauren Weliver, an average middle-class couple from Portland, Maine who were shocked by the bills that started piling up after their daughter was born. Learn how they coped with a $1,400 monthly daycare, strollers, cribs, diapers, formula and other expenses.

Reader Story: How I Graduated College (Mostly) Debt-Free
Is it possible to work so much that you can put yourself through college without any student debt? One reader (almost) did so. (He took out a very small loan near the end of his four years, which he paid off quickly). How did he manage this? He worked at "skilled" jobs like carpentry, framing, drywall and landscaping, and he lived at home with...

How One Couple Plunged Into Five-Figure Debt
Meet Cordelia and Chris, a 20-something couple that found themselves drowning in consumer debt. They decided to amend their ways, reform their bad habits ... and then life took an unexpected turn.

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