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Budgeting for Families

Budgeting takes on a whole new dimension when children are involved. You'll want to know what to consider and what to expect, whether you're deciding if you can afford to start a family or whether you already have one and you need to budget for summer camp, braces and college funds.
  1. Living on One Income (3)
  2. Teaching Kids About Budgeting (6)

True Story: How We Budgeted for a Baby
The true story of David and Lauren Weliver, an average middle-class couple from Portland, Maine who were shocked by the bills that started piling up after their daughter was born. Learn how they coped with a $1,400 monthly daycare, strollers, cribs, diapers, formula and other expenses.

Baby Expenses That Catch New Parents by Surprise
Having your first child? Here are some unexpected baby expenses that catch new parents by surprise, along with tips on how you can make room in your budget for these new expenses.

Fun Ways to Save Money - Games and Competitions!
I challenge you to a save-off! Make saving money fun with these games and competitions. Saving money doesn't need to be based around deprivation. Make saving money fun with awards, prizes and challenges!

What If Your Finances Are Solid, But You See Friends in Trouble?
What should you do if your finances are rock-solid, but you see a family member or friend struggling? (Hint: Don't give a loan!) How can you teach or inspire that person to take control of their finances, make a budget, and live below their means?

Budget for New Baby Costs
How much money should you budget for the cost of a new baby? Here's a breakdown.

Get More at the Grocery Store - How to Save on Groceries
Shave hundreds off your grocery bill! Check out these in-depth, actionable tips that cover how to save before, during and after your trip to the store.

Budgets, Financial Planning, and the Single Parent
Here are six budgeting and financial planning tips for single parents.

Budgeting at Age 65+
Are you age 65 or older? Do you wonder how you should manage your money now that you're already retired? Here are some helpful tips.

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