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Rules of Thumb for Saving and Spending

Everyone's finances and goals are personal, but it's good to know the rules of thumb that can help guide you toward making sure you're not spending too much on any one area of your life, such as your home or car. Financial rules of thumb can also help you figure out how much to put towards debt or save for retirement.

Critical Money Rules-of-Thumb Everyone Should Know
How much house can you afford? How much life insurance do you need? How much should you save for retirement? Find the answers to all these and more in this comprehensive article about critical financial rules-of-thumb.

The 50/30/20 Rule of Thumb
How much should you spend on groceries? Your home? Your vacation to France? The 50/30/20 rule of thumb helps you figure out if you're spending too much ... or not enough!

Triple Your Money with This Simple Rule of Thumb
Want to double or even triple your money? This handy rule-of-thumb shows you how long it will take you to turn $10,000 into $30,000.

Don't Confuse These Two Retirement Rules of Thumb
Many people confuse the "Multiply by 25" rule with the "4 Percent" rule -- and not knowing the difference can have a drastic impact on your retirement savings.

How Much Should My Child Borrow for College?
Student loans can be scary. How much is too much? The "starting salary" rule of thumb says that you should borrow no more than your expected starting salary.

Eleven Rules to Help You Grow Rich
There's a lot of financial advice floating around. What's the most important? This article drills down to the 11 most essential rules that will help you grow rich.

What is Dollar-Cost Averaging?
Dollar-cost averaging is an investing strategy that helps you avoid market timing.

Stock Trading 101
Are you thinking about buying and selling individual stocks? Here's an introduction to stock trading for beginners.

Two Mental Tricks That Can Motivate You to Save Money
Need more motivation to save and invest? Imagine the opportunities that you're missing as a result of spending your money now, rather than saving it for later.

3 Ways You Can Double Your Money

Q&A: Should I Adjust for Inflation When Planning My Future Retirement Budget?
When you're saving for retirement, you're making assumptions about how much money you want to spend, per year, during your golden years. But do you need to adjust this figure for inflation?

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