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How to Save More Money

Your budget might reveal that you're spending more than you realized. Don't worry: there are many ways to save money. Some people prefer small savings that add up, while others target one or two key areas in their budget where they can create large savings. Learn how your budget can help you to pinpoint the best ways to save.

3 Tips to Help You Stick to Your Budget
Finding it tough to stick to your budget? These three mental tricks can help.

The "Pay Yourself First" Budgeting Method
Does a detailed, line-item budget sound too time-intensive and boring? Try this much easier alternative, which I call the "pay yourself first" budget.

Maintaining Your Money Motivation
Motivation is crucial when you're trying to pay down debt, budget for a large goal, and save for retirement. Here are some tips that can keep you motivated to manage money wisely.

Where Does All My Money Go?
You don't think of yourself as lavish. You're not dining at fancy restaurants or vacationing in Europe. So where is all of your money going?

What are Savings?
Saving is NOT the absence of spending. Instead, saving is the intentional act of setting money aside for a specific goal or purpose.

Following certain companies on Twitter can help you save money. Here's a list of some Twitter accounts that tweet major savings and discounts.

Three Things You Should NEVER Trim From Your Budget
Budgeting is the act of setting priorities. These three things should hit the top of your priority list.

Get More at the Grocery Store - How to Save on Groceries
Shave hundreds off your grocery bill! Check out these in-depth, actionable tips that cover how to save before, during and after your trip to the store.

Try This Baby Step Towards Budgeting
Feeling overwhelmed by the idea of making a budget? Here's a very simple first step.

Bought the Wrong Item? How to Keep Your Budget on Track
Did you accidentally enroll in a subscription? Did you buy the wrong item? Don't let poor purchases derail your budget. Here are some tips that can help you keep your budget on-track, even if you've made a bad purchase.

Six Types of Entertainment That Won't Break the Bank
Learn how to save money on all types of entertainment including movies, restaurants, sports games, concerts, live comedy shows and recreational shopping.

Fun Ways to Save Money - Games and Competitions!
I challenge you to a save-off! Make saving money fun with these games and competitions. Saving money doesn't need to be based around deprivation. Make saving money fun with awards, prizes and challenges!

Five Ways to Cut Costs Without Changing Your Lifestyle
We all love the extra money that we get after cutting costs, but we don't necessarily love cramping our lifestyle in order to slash those bills. Here's a list of five "little" ways you can cut costs without drastically changing your lifestyle.

25 Tips to Save Money in Your Daily Life
Small savings can add up. Conversely, small "leaks" in your budget also add up (in the direction that you don't want it to go!) Check out these 25 ways to save money in your daily life, from insulating your water heater to planting shade trees around your home.

It Takes Money ... to Save Money
The cheapest choice isn't always the best. Here are three examples of when you should spend MORE money in order to spare yourself from the risk of high bills in the future.

Are You Saving Money by Making a Smaller Down Payment?
Are you "saving money" by making a smaller down payment? Nope. Find out why, in this article.

How to Blow Your Budget in 5 Easy Steps
Here's a list of 5 moves that will ruin your budget. Avoid these behaviors in order to keep your budget on-track.

Why You Should Always Pay Yourself First
Why do financial experts advise "paying yourself" (paying into your savings) first? Learn the benefits of this budgeting technique.

Savings Challenged? Try These Tricks
Are you on a tight budget? Here are several ways to save, regardless of your constraints.

How to Negotiate Lower Rates on Common Monthly Expenses
Do you think the rates provided by your service providers are set in stone? Think again! Negotiating monthly expenses can lower your rates and save you money.

How to Create a Budget on One Income
It is possible to live on one income. Learn five ways to stretch your money and live on less.

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