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How Much Do I Really Make?

Most advice about budgeting focuses on figuring out how much you spend. But what if you're not sure how much you earn?

Tracking your income isn't as simple as it sounds. If you're self-employed, you know that tracking your income is harder than you think. Don't worry, there are lots of resources on this page to help.

If you get a steady paycheck, you might have more sources of income than you realize. Commissions, bonuses, interest, dividends, rental property and royalties can add up to a decent chunk of income. Are you really aware of just how much money you're making?

Why Earning More is a Winning Strategy
Most people assume that in order to master their budget, they need to save more money. But some people argue that their focus should be on earning, rather than saving.

Do you know how much you earn per hour? Most people can retire their annual...
Do you know how much you earn per hour? Most people know their annual salary. But very few people do the math to see how that breaks down to an hourly wage. The answer could surprise you -- and it will impact the way in which you see the "income" statement of your budget.

How Much Does Working Cost You?
People don't think of "going to work" or "having a job" as an expense -- but it is. From commuting to business attire to buying lunch-on-the-run, having a job can get expensive. Find out how much your job costs you.

Why You Should Budget Like You Get Two Paychecks Per Month
Are you a traditional employee who gets paid every two weeks? If so, design a budget around the assumption that you'll get two paychecks per month. During the months that you get three paychecks, you'll be able to throw your entire "extra" paycheck into savings.

Budgeting Strategies for Freelancers, Temp Workers and Sales People

How a Tax Refund Can Cost You More
Are you getting a tax refund this year? That's a sign you're paying too much. Here's why you should NEVER get a tax refund.

How Much Money Should I Live On During Retirement?
How much money should you "earn" -- how much income should you collect -- during your retirement?

How Can I Budget With Irregular Income?
You have an irregular, sporadic income that comes from freelance or self-employment work. How can you budget in spite of this irregular income?

How to Handle Your Finances as a Freelancer
Have you begun working as a freelancer?Are you self-employed? Here are tips to get you on solid financial footing.

How to Make Smart Spending Decisions
Imagine that you have some wiggle room in your budget. How can you decide whether or not to "upgrade" a purchase? What's worth spending money on ... and what's not?

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